Services: Still many complaints about the post

Services: Still many complaints about the post

If you unlock the mailbox and look into space, you could get annoyed – at least if you are waiting for an important letter. In the fall, the anger was particularly great in some places. And today?

Be it late letters or incorrectly filed parcels: the number of complaints about Swiss Post remains at a high level. In May 2023, the Federal Network Agency received around 2,500 critical submissions, as the Bonn authority announced in response to a dpa request. That was about 400 more than in April and almost twice as many as in May 2022; at that time there had been 1400.

Compared to last autumn, however, the situation has eased somewhat. At that time, a wave of complaints of unprecedented proportions reached the network agency, alone in October 9400 complaints were counted. Staff shortages had led to local delivery problems at the service provider.

The complaints relate to the entire industry, including parcel and letter competitors of the Bonn group. However, Swiss Post is the market leader by a wide margin. According to the Federal Network Agency for an earlier period, around 90 percent of the complaints related to the yellow giant. What the value is now is not known.

A Post spokesman calls the number of complaints from the Federal Network Agency “not very meaningful”. From his point of view, a high number of critical requests to speak is not to be equated one-to-one with quality problems, because media reporting also plays a role: the more articles are written and read about it, the more people find out about the possibility of complaining to the network agency in the first place – they knew beforehand they didn’t and therefore didn’t complain. It is also a fact that the number of complaints is negligible in relation to the billions of shipments in Germany.

The Post spokesman is also of the opinion that although some complaints relate to the Post, a competitor is actually responsible. “Many customers mistakenly attribute these quality defects to Deutsche Post,” he says, referring, among other things, to problems at a small Berlin mail competitor. Its shortcomings were so noticeable that the Federal Network Agency called on the company to rectify the shortcomings a few months ago.

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