Emission values: Two out of three cars in Germany with Euro 5 or Euro 6

Emission values: Two out of three cars in Germany with Euro 5 or Euro 6

More and more cars with the newer and stricter emission standards are on German roads. Differences become clear when looking at the individual federal states. Thuringia is the leader.

Almost two-thirds of the cars in Germany now have emission values ​​according to the newer and stricter Euro 5 or Euro 6 standards. As of April 1, there were 32.5 million vehicles, according to data from the Federal Motor Transport Authority, which the German Press Agency evaluated. This corresponds to 66.6 percent of the vehicle population. If you add electric cars that emit no exhaust fumes, the proportion is even 68.8 percent.

Just over five years ago, in early 2018, the share was just over 48 percent – whether with or without electric cars, which were still rare at the time. Electric cars and combustion engines with the stricter Euro 6 standard are now almost alone in achieving this value at 46.4 percent. The background to this is that for a number of years now, new vehicles have practically exclusively met Euro 6, while older vehicles with poor values ​​in particular have been deregistered.

Looking at the individual federal states, the highest proportion of cars with better emission standards or no emissions can be found in Thuringia with 72.1 percent of the stock there. It is followed by Bavaria, where Euro 5, Euro 6 and pure electric cars account for 71.2 percent, and Hamburg with 70.2 percent. Hesse with 69.9 percent, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania with 69.6 percent and Saxony-Anhalt with 69.1 percent are also above average.

Baden-Württemberg is at 68.8 percent in the national average, Saxony with 68.7 slightly below. In Rhineland-Palatinate it is 68 percent, in Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia and Saarland 67.7 percent each. In Schleswig-Holstein the value is 67.3 percent, in Brandenburg 66.5 and in Berlin 66.4. Bremen brings up the rear with 65.5 percent.

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