the platform for companies to train in foreign trade

the platform for companies to train in foreign trade

The Foreign Ministry launched a virtual foreign trade training platform for companies. The courses have a certificate.

What is Aula Virtual about: the platform for companies to train in foreign trade

The Argentine Foreign Ministry, through the Argentine Investment and International Trade Agency, launched today its new Virtual Classroom. As reported, it is a free platform aimed at companies or entrepreneurs who want to training in foreign trade.

“The Virtual Classroom is designed to train entrepreneurs, micro, small and large companies, both for those who are starting their export path, and for those who are already exporters and have the potential to diversify and expand into new markets,” said a statement from the Foreign Ministry.

In addition, he pointed out that this tool “guarantees equitable access to quality learning resources, regardless of location or financial resources.”

The platform offers free and asynchronous online courses and seminarsdesigned to train SMEs and national entrepreneurs with content “that allows them to reach new business opportunities and strengthen their professional training in an agile way and linked to their work practice,” the Foreign Ministry stressed.

The courses have a certificate and are complemented by interviews and a blog, where you can be in contact with the speakers.

Likewise, the seminars and courses are organized by sectors of Agriculture and Food, Industry, Cultural Industries, Knowledge-Based Services, Argentinas to the World, Investments and Multisectoral.

To see all the available trainings and obtain more information, you can register at https://aulavirtual.inversionycomercio.ar/.

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