Government seeks to ensure supply of agricultural inputs

Government seeks to ensure supply of agricultural inputs

It launched a national observatory that brings together the main chambers of the sector. The plan is to draw up a list and quantify the volume to be imported until the end of the year.

planting in progress The first projections detail that Argentine wheat production would reach 20 million tons.

Given the shortage of dollars, the Government controls imports extremely rigorously and in this context, the agro-industrial sector warns that there could be a lack of strategic inputs for the next wheat planting, ranging from seeds, through fertilizers, to agrochemicals. In this context The Secretary of Agriculture of the Nation launched the National Observatory of Agricultural Inputs, an area headed by the Undersecretary of Agriculture, Delfo Buchaillot, which seeks precisely to draw up an action plan, in tune with the main companies and chambers of the field to ensure the importation of critical inputs.

In general terms, the objective of the Government is to raise a list and volume of inputs that will be necessary for the next agricultural cycle and from there submit a specific request for authorization to the BCRA to have the necessary foreign currency for imports. Agriculture is the main generator of foreign exchange in Argentina and precisely the lack of critical inputs can generate a greater impact on the economy. That is why the action plan is to ensure, in this way, that the field has the necessary inputs for the remainder of this year and that there are no shortages or short circuits in the chain.

The activation of the swap with China generated some relief since many inputs, mainly agrochemicals, are imported from the Asian giant, but with regard to fertilizers, which are key to planting wheat, the scenario is more complex because the vast majority comes from the United States.

“During this first meeting, each sector raised their claims and the situation they are going through, focusing on some inputs that are critical for this campaign and for other uses, such as genetics, among others. The Undersecretary of Agriculture will be the point of contact articulation and will elaborate common diagnoses with the objective of reaching an agreement so that in the next three months the imports of the inputs prioritized by each sector can be carried out,” Buchaillot explained after the meeting that he carried out with the main chambers of the sector .

Going forward, in the Government they trust that the countryside will not have problems to have the necessary inputs thanks to this action plan and they propose that they will be given priority so that the agricultural campaign advances smoothly. The gaze is set on the next sowing of wheat, a strategic crop for Argentina since the dollars from the harvest would begin to enter next December and would serve as a bridge until the next soybean campaign.

So far, the projections indicate that in strategic areas, such as Santa Fe, the planting intention would grow by 20% thanks to the rains of the last few weeks that provided a better scenario for the crop. Then, in other provinces of the core zone they are still dragging the tails of the drought that affected soybeans so much and that also generated a 50% loss in the previous wheat cycle.

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