the date on which Independiente will receive the funds was known

the date on which Independiente will receive the funds was known

Nestor Grindettiinterim president of Independentconfirmed the date on which the team of avellaneda will receive the money raised by Santiago Maratea in order to stay in peace and safe with the debt in Dollars who maintains the club.

The leader also assured thatThe club maintains a constant dialogue with the mexico america and that they have already agreed on the form of payment, since a first step to comply with the obligations is to pay close to of US$6 million to the Aztec painting.

He is also a candidate to governor of Buenos Aires for him Pro pointed out that the exact day that Independiente will have with the resources to deal with its debt to America still “It is not defined”. However, he warned that “everything is ready for (the transaction to be executed) next week”.

Grindetti clarified that the money and the trust “Maratea manages it”. “We are going to receive the funds,” she asserted.

The defense of the management of Maratea

Regarding this matter, Grindetti reported that, after the resounding departure of Fabian Doman In April, he had talks with the Mexican team to reach an agreement on a “partial paymentof the total outstanding debt.

“I think we are on the right track for Independiente to be released of that debt by the end of next week,” he said in an interview with All News (TN), referring to the collection led by the questioned influencerwhich had contributions from fans and former players of the club of the south zone.

Grindetti defended the work and transparency of Maratea regarding the security of the money collected and criticized the General Inspectorate of Justice (IGJ) after the team of lawyers and accountants hired by the influencer were two days late in presenting the trust to end of May, and the agency will consider it “irregular” and “ineffective”.

“It’s just a pretext, it’s like a cat that has a cat’s headcat tail and says ‘meow,'” he quipped, adding: “They have no major reason to be involved in this.”

The doubts of the General Inspection of Justice

The IGJ put the magnifying glass on the contract of the “Trust Maratea Red GoGo“, in which the trustee, that is, Maratea, established a “special domicile” in Neuquén.

“They have not presented us with any contract, We are aware of the contract that was signed in Neuquén and it is full of shortcomings. There are no rules of protection in favor of third parties, nor guarantees in favor of Independent, there is no rigorous information system. There is an opacity that is very striking,” explained the head of the IGJ, Ricardo Nissen, at the beginning of June.

Additionally, Nissen mentioned: “What caught our attention the mostand that is why the IGJ intervened in the problem, is the fact that it was registered in a location that has absolutely no connection to the trust and is known for being the place where they register all the trusts that need a quick exit.”

So far, Maratea reported that the collection exceeded $845,000,000 pesos. However, this amount is far from the US$20,000,000 necessary for Independiente to pay off the debts it has accumulated in recent times.

The agency also criticized the use of Market Payment for the collection, since it is only a “payment provider” but not one financial entity.

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