sign Fuerza Solidaria agreements for $13 million

sign Fuerza Solidaria agreements for $13 million

He community development minister of the Buenos Aires province, Andres Larroque; the president of Banco Provincia, Juan Cuattromo; the president of the Financial Services Province, Ariel Lieutier; the president of Province Trusts Nadia Giardina; the president of Solidarity Force, Juan Caccamo; together to the owners of the Los Aromos, La Cumbre and La Gran Siete Cooperativesthey signed a mutual agreement for $13 million for the incorporation of machinery for loading and unloading merchandise.

through the Solidarity Force TrustI know disbursed, since 2020, $104 million in loans at subsidized rateswith the objective of encourage the creation and consolidation of micro-enterprises and social economy projects in the Buenos Aires province. On this occasion, the Los Aromos cooperative will access $3 million, the cooperative The top to $5 million and the cooperative The Great Sevenat $5 million, with a subsidized rate and a repayment term of 36 months.

The purpose of the loans

The goal of cooperatives is incorporate machinery for loading and unloading merchandise which is received within Central Market of Buenos Airesthe place where they carry out their activities, in order to improve the tasks related to the activity and to the ordering processes in the warehouses.

“The State has to be there to support the different forms of association, and in the case of cooperatives, it is one that has a solidary, humanized bond, which ponders other issues; for us that is the way. Today we are here and we can do it. Hopefully we can offer much more, which is the Governor’s directive,” Larroque said..

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Along the same lines, he added: “We have found the possibility of recovering the presence of the State, but much remains to be done, which is why we must all work together. Today This is a possibility and surely new initiatives will emerge as circumstances allow it”.

“What Axel Kicillof asks of us is that we use the tools that we have at the service of the province of Buenos Aires. In this case, with Provincia Servicios Financieros and Provincia Fideicomisos we are here so that they can count on our support, to think of new solutions together that help improve the lives of the people of Buenos Aires”, expressed Cuattromo.

For his part, Giardina highlighted: “The trust is an instrument through which small businesses and companies access financing that does not exist in the market. Even when they do get financing, the rates are way beyond their means. Through the Fuerza Solidaria trust, access is fast and efficient, having the possibility, in addition, of accessing new credits to the extent that they comply with the installment payment schedule.”

Also attending the event were Patricio Harte, manager of Legal Affairs for Provincia Fideicomisos; by the aromas, its president, Luis A. Figuerón, the cooperative’s secretary, Alberto Lacuadra, and its treasurer, Luis F. Figuerón. Also, for The top Its president, Hugo Carrizo, its secretary, Rubén Giménez, and its treasurer, Hugo Olmos, were present. Finally, by The Great Sevenits president, Juan Liendro, his secretary Gladys Maldonado, and its treasurer, Raúl Espinosa, presented themselves.

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