88% of import applications were approved

88% of import applications were approved

They highlighted that the total amount of authorized imports during the first five months of the year reached US$ 36,757 million, which represents 21% more than the same period of the previous year.

Besides, They assured that during this period import requests were authorized to 22,691 companies, of which 97% are SMEs.

Of the imported products, 46% are inputs and materials for production, 24% are capital goods, 18% fuel and energy, and 12% consumer goods and cars.

The substitution of the SIRA for the SIMI gave the Government a tool to regulate, not only the imports of goods, but also the payments of those and the services contracted abroad, through the SIRASE.

Restriction on payment of freight abroad

He System of Imports of the Argentine Republic and Payments of Services Abroad (SIRASE) is a permit that was created last October, along with the tightening of restrictions from the new import system (SIRA).

In the case of the importation of goods, cross-checks gave rise to SIRA permits for deferred payment for 60, 90 and 180 days, depending on the size of the importer, with some exceptions (health, pharmaceuticals, energy and capital goods). .

But with SIRASE, the Government added a new restriction on imports of services.

The Ministry of Commerce and the Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP) extended the term for companies to pay international freight to three months, once they have the approval of the authorities. This is a modification that brought complaints in the shipping sector and generates uncertainty due to its possible impact on cargo ports.

The measure intends to postpone commitments for some US$ 2,000 million this year, in a context of lack of international reserves.

Until now, SIRASE established a maximum term of 30 days for the payment of international freight, for this reason the changes generated criticism from shipping companies and business chambers.

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