They present a project so that it is automatically updated every three months

They present a project so that it is automatically updated every three months

Deputies of Together for Changeled by Germana Figueroa Casas, presented a Bill to provide an automatic solution to the impact of inflation on the monotribute: incorporate a trigger clause so that the update of the income in the scales is carried out quarterly when the accumulated annual inflation exceeds 60 percent.

In this way, starting next month, the scales will change:

  • They will enter the Category A who bill up to $1,414,762 annually (currently the cap is $999,657),
  • In the category B come in up to $2.103025 (until now it was $1,485,976),
  • For the C, the new ceiling is $2,944,235,
  • The top of the category D goes from $2,583,720 per year to $3,656,604,
  • In the E, it runs up to $4,305,799,
  • In the F billings come in for up to $5,382,248
  • In G, up to $6,458,698, while in H and I the new ceilings will be $7,996,484 and $8,949,911, respectively.


Automatic update: the opposition proposal on the monotributo

For the representatives of Juntos por el Cambio, the increase in the cap of the Monotributo categories “does no more than give a partial answer to a systematic problem in the Simplified Regime”.

The project, meanwhile, seeks to incorporate into article 52 of Law 24,977 a trigger clause that determines that when year-on-year inflation exceeds 60 percent, the scales are updated automatically on a quarterly basis without the need for a decision by the Executive Power.

The initiative has the signatures of the Deputies Silvia Lospennato, Lisandro Niri, Martín Tetaz, Ximena García, Pablo Torello, Carlos Raúl ZapataMercedes Joury, Karina Bachey, Alejandro Finocchiaro, Laura Rodriguez Machado, Gabriela Brower de Koning, Sabrina Ajmechet, Lidia Inés Ascarate and Mario Barletta, Héctor Stefani, Marcela Antola, Danya Tavela, Gabriela Lena, Anibal Tortoriello, Francisco Monti, María Lujan Rey , Ingrid Jetter and Enrique Estevez.

Source: Ambito

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