Without much applause, Milei insisted on dollarizing and closing the Central

Without much applause, Milei insisted on dollarizing and closing the Central
August 25, 2023 – 00:00

Before the audience convened by the Council of the Americas, Javier Milei sought to win the support of a business community that still views some of his proposals and his ability to put them into practice with suspicion.

“The only serious change is La Libertad Avanza (LLA),” said the winning candidate of the PASO and assured that “a better Argentina is possible because Argentines have awakened to the ideas of freedom.” There was no great applause during his speech at the Hotel Alvear.

“We have identified the origin of Argentine decadence as the caste model, which says that where a need is born a right is born. The problem is that the needs are infinite and the resources are finite, we liberals are clear about how this conflict is resolved: with private property and without State intervention, ”said the economist when reiterating his diagnosis.

“Guys, it’s you who have to put the country on its feet, I’m going to get the State off your back,” an emphatic Milei promised the businessmen who, not even with that promise, managed to get another round of applause.

The candidate also referred to Argentina’s entry into the BRICS. “We are not going to align ourselves with communists…”, he assured and pointed out: “Our international alignment is the United States and Israel.” However, he sought to clarify that this does not mean that businessmen cannot freely trade with China or Brazil, but rather that he was referring to geopolitical positioning.


Among his reform proposals, he once again stressed his idea of ​​moving towards dollarization and the closure of the BCRA. The argument: “Nobody wants to have pesos because the Argentine politician issues them.” Without giving details, he assured that today he has four technical proposals to dollarize and that he is open to hearing others. The initiative did not seem to fully convince the businessmen who, later, talked in the corridors of the Alvear, who wondered about the feasibility of the policies that Milei wants to implement.

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