Bullrich promised order and rejected the BRICS

Bullrich promised order and rejected the BRICS
August 25, 2023 – 00:00

The presidential candidate of Together for Change, Patricia Bullrich, rejected the incorporation of Argentina to the BRICS and announced that, if it is a Government, it will cancel the incorporation of the country to the economic group formed by Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa : “Argentina in our government will not enter the BRICS”.

The winner in the internal opposition criticized the initiative announced yesterday by President Alberto Fernández: “We have exposed our position against joining the BRICS. A few minutes ago, the President of the Nation, who is in a situation of enormous weakness and unable to exercise his office as president, has just committed Argentina to joining the BRICS, while the invasion of Ukraine is taking place and together with the entry to Iran, a country with which Argentina has a deep open wound due to the anti-Semitic terrorist attacks in our territory”.

The former Minister of Security was the most applauded by the red circle, which met as every year in the corridors of the Hotel Alvear to listen to the proposals of the presidential candidates. Within this framework, she took the opportunity to publicize her campaign based on the concept of “order”, a word that she repeated throughout her entire speech. “Faced with this chaos, we are going to propose the order that any democracy needs to live, to work, for any future,” she said.

Patricia Bullrich also used the space provided by the Council of the Americas to mark her differences with the candidate for president of La Libertad Avanza, Javier Milei, and stressed that Together for Change has “a territorial base of governors and legislators, the most great since the beginning of democracy”. “It allows us to align governance objectives,” she said.

Meanwhile, the head of Government of the City of Buenos Aires, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, took advantage of the opportunity to speak to businessmen and businesswomen to express his support for the winner in the Juntos por el Cambio internship. “I support her and I’m going to be by her side to win this election,” he said and unleashed applause from the audience.

In the economic order, Bullrich announced his proposal to reform the Central Bank. He stated that if he becomes president, he will present a new Organic Charter for the entity with three basic principles. The first of them, he assured him, will be the “autonomy of its authorities.”

Secondly, he said that he will ban stocks: “A stock is an instrument of torture.” Third, he promised “never again issuance of money.” “And never again bring money to a State that is a Pac-Man that eats everything, society spends money better than the State,” he added.

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