Government extends key benefit for rural workers

Government extends key benefit for rural workers

Decree 514/2021 aims to promote the tregistered work and the expansion of social security benefits for rural workers and workers that provide services in temporary and seasonal activities.

The new Decree considers that the measures provided by Decree 514/2021 have contributed to labor inclusion of workers in the sector, to the improvement of their income and their living conditions and those of their family groups.

The provision is then presented as an improvement for the Decree 514/2021which was a solution of the Executive Power against the fhigh labor in rural productionssince it allows keep welfare together with a legally registered job.

In addition, it considers that the continuity of its application is also a response to the needs raised by trade union associations and producers from the country’s regional economies.

For these reasons, the validity of the aforementioned Decree is extended for a period of two yearsas of September 1, 2023.

In particular, the Decree 423/2023 extends the following benefits:

  • Family’s asignations: Rural workers who provide services in temporary and seasonal activities have the right to receive family allowances for their sons, daughters and dependents. These assignments may not be less than the amount equivalent to 100% of the value of the Universal Assignment per Child for Social Protection.
  • Complementarity between social protection policies and access to registered work: Rural workers who are holders of the National Program for Socio-Productive Inclusion and Local Development “Potenciar Trabajo” and the Alimentary Benefit (ex Alimentar Card) of the National Plan “Argentina Against Hunger” can continue receiving the benefits and benefits provided by these programseven if they are hired under any of the modalities established in Decree 514/2021.

In addition, the Decree entrusts the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security, through the Federal Labor Council (CFT), which carries out jointly with the Provinces, the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and the Municipalities, territorial dissemination actions, advice and training on labor registration and social security, specifically aimed at rural workers, trade union associations and producer associations.

In short, the Decree published today in the Official bulletin seeks to continue with the efforts of the National Government to promote registered work and the expansion of social security benefits for rural workers.

Source: Ambito

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