Eurnekian’s definitions of Argentina’s entry into the BRICS

Eurnekian’s definitions of Argentina’s entry into the BRICS

In statements to the press, the businessman was asked if the country’s entry into the bloc could affect the trade relationship with the United States, to which he replied: “Nothing is going to push, you can have your wife and your lover“.

Regarding the possibility of dollarization, Eurnekian said: “I don’t like it very much but it could be, we could do it with another currency. But I think that the path of dollarization will have a faster response in terms of financial order, seek to improve our currency is going to be a little more difficult, expensive and sacrificed”.


The businessman Eurnekian referred to Argentina’s entry into the BRICS.


Argentina entered the BRICS group promoted by Brazil, China and India

Argentina entered the BRICSthe group led by Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, after its incorporation was unanimously approved by representatives of those five nations at the Johannesburg Summit.

Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Iran also joined.

The announcement of Argentina’s entry took the government by surprise and generated strong opposition opposition. Neither Javier Milei (La Libertad Avanza) nor Patricia Bullrich (Together for Change) agreed to join that group.

The surprise decision by the BRICS came after diplomatic pressure from China, Brazil and India. South Africa intended that in this meeting -which lasted for three days- only the criteria for entering the regional forum would be discussed, but its position was left at a disadvantage as the discussions progressed.

There was no consensus in the early discussions on when and how many countries could join.

the argentinian president Alberto Fernandez he had been invited to the Summit but decided not to attend.

However, from Buenos Aires, together with Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero, they were taking steps so that the initiative, which had great impetus, especially from Brazil, Argentina’s first trading partner, would move forward.

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