new benefits for companies that meet the 5% cap

new benefits for companies that meet the 5% cap
August 26, 2023 – 10:02

After the announcement of a new update for 90 days, the Ministry of Economy announced new measures in favor of the companies that sign the agreement.

Ignacio Petunchi

He Government determined certain benefits for those companies that they comply with the price agreement after the update for 90 days in nine sectors arranged by the Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa.

the deal was reached with more than 300 companies throughout the country and a maximum of 5% increase in prices that will be maintained fixed until october.

According to Decree 433/2023, “they may enjoy up to October 31, 2023inclusive, of the following benefits: “The suspension of payment of charges that may fall on the purchase of tickets and currencies in foreign currency for the import of goods included in the tariff items of the Mercosur Common Nomenclature (NCM) established by the Ministry of Economy”.

Meat Agreement New Prices Care Inflation Basic Basket

Ignacio Petunchi

The text, signed by the president Alberto Fernandez; the chief of staff, Augustine Rossi; and the holder of the economic portfolio, Sergio Massaclarifies that “in no case may they be included in the tariff items that correspond to luxury goods.”

Those who sign and comply with the price agreement will also receive the reduction to 0% of the export duty rate for goods included in the tariff items of the Mercosur Common Nomenclature.

Price agreement: from the US they described the new measure as “unfeasible”

The Chamber of Commerce of the United States in Argentina (AmCham) considered “non-viable” he price agreement that determines a 5% monthly increase for a period of 90 days.

The claim was made through a formal note signed by Alejandro DiazCEO of AmCham Argentina, in a letter addressed to the head of Customs, William Michelin charge of negotiating with the companies, with a copy to the Minister of Economy.

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In the document, the entity that encompasses 701 US companies operating in the country -among which are the main mass consumption brands- argued that from November 2022 to July 2023 the price path granted to companies was between 25 and 30 points below the CPI.

Source: Ambito

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