For Marcelo Elizondo, Argentina has an inexorable export growth

For Marcelo Elizondo, Argentina has an inexorable export growth

The expert in foreign trade Marcelo Elizondo pointed out that the Argentina has “an inexorable increase” in terms of exports and assured that the level of growth will depend on the policies applied by the future government and of the climate scenario by drought for the next few years.

Elizondo argued that the increase in exports will be part of a progressive process: “The Argentina has ahead a export increasebut probably not from one year to the next“.

“Perhaps, in addition, the energy equation with the construction of the gas pipeline (President Néstor Kirchner, GPNK) could give some possibility of exporting a little more,” he added while stressing the importance of strengthening and modernizing the Argentine Agency for Investment and International Trade (Aaici), within the framework of a more flexible “regulatory environment for all exportable production “.


Exports: for Elizondo “there will be an increase, but not a boom”

President of the Argentine chapter of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) envisioned a solution to the problem of drought and, in this sense, noted that in 2024 we could export some US$ 15,000 million more than this year for a better harvest”.

Elizondoalso director of International Economy Committee of the Argentine Council of International Relations (CARI)explained the scenario in terms of export in 2022: “The Argentina came to export record of US$88 billionbasically explained by better international prices, since volumes did not improve”.

Regarding expectations for next year, the expert is still far from the numbers achieved in 2022. “I don’t think that next year we will be able to match last year yet, there will be an increase but I don’t think it will be a boom, and as long as certain assumptions are made, such as climate improvement,” he said.

Within the framework of elections 2023 and the possibility of a change of Government since December 10 of this year, Elizondo warned that “we have to see what happens, because there may be one that generates incentives or one that generates doubts“, in a context that, he pointed out, shows “a degree of uncertainty” in which “local factors, but also international factors” come into play.

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