Economy ordered that the defendants will lose their social plans

Economy ordered that the defendants will lose their social plans
August 26, 2023 – 18:50

It was made official that those people who have been involved in acts of vandalism in the last week stop receiving their social plans.

While the recommendations continue to prevent the proliferation of fake news around the dissemination of sensitive images about acts of vandalism in shops, Sergio Massa advanced in a measure against those people who were charged by the wave of robberies of the last week: they will stop receiving their social plans.

In a document signed this Friday by the Economy Minister bound for Victoria Toulouse Peaceminister of Social developmentit is established that “in view of the economic effort made by the government in relation to these events, I request that you kindly proceed to the suspensionwithin the framework of the current regulations of the assigned social benefit to people who have been accused in the different causes for the commission of the crimes described”.

It was also reported that the owner of the Ministry of Social Development received a report from the Ministry of National Securitywith “the complete list of people who have been, and are, arrested by virtue of their probable participation in the different events that occurred in the country and of public knowledge”. The accused are being investigated by robbery qualified for being committed in a town and in a gang; robo qualified to be committed with weapons; qualified theft and incitement to commit crimes.

Repair Program: benefits for affected businesses

In the same document sent to Victoria Toulouse Peacethe minister Sergio Massa details that it has been arranged, under the name of Repair Program“the granting of a non-refundable contribution of seven million pesos to the merchants who were victims of the robberies in a town and in a gang that occurred last week”.

As announced at a press conference, the Ministry of Economy will advance along with Industry Secretariat so that “each of the merchants affected in the provinces of Neuquén, Buenos Aires, Río Negro, Córdoba and Mendozawho have the complaint made and who have a verification of the losses, a non-reimbursable contribution of up to $7 million to recover working capital.

The website is available from this Friday. so that companies can upload the information. The budget for this program will be $700 million and could be expanded depending on demand. The measure will apply to all types of companies.

Ministry of Economy Social Plans Shop Robberies

Wave of robberies: Which businesses can enter the Repair Program

The Ministry of Economy informed that they will be able to enter the Reparation Program all shops of the provinces of Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Mendoza, Rio Negro and Neuquén that have been affected by the robberies happened between August 19 and 24. Small businesses will have automatic access, but those with more than 50 employees must comply with the agreement Fair prices.

Wave of thefts: What are the requirements to enter the Repair Program

  • Police report (MANDATORY)
  • Accounting certification of damage (MANDATORY)
  • Certified CBU certificate (MANDATORY)
  • Other probative documentation (eg judicial summary, photos, videos, etc.)

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