everything you need to know about the new measures

everything you need to know about the new measures
  • For category A, B, C and D you do not pay the tax component for 6 months.
  • In addition, for all monotributistas the access to credit for up to 4 million pesos, depending on the category, to be paid in 24 installments at half the bank rate with 100% State guarantee.

At the same time, the implementation of the productive monotribute for the incorporation into the formal economy of independent workers was announced.

Sergio Massa measures for monotributistas

Productive monotribute: what it consists of

He Productive monotribute establishes that the State assumes for a time the quota component for the public health systemaccording to the bill presented by the Executive in Congress months ago.

The beneficiaries would have access to official programs such as Remediar and would have the retirement component covered for two years.

It will be solved by a escrowadministered by the Investment and Foreign Trade Bank (BICE), with a subsidized and very low rate compared to current market rates. It will be used to buy machinery and increase working capital.

With this system, it could be billed up to the current category C of the Monotax, that is to say $970,203 in 12 moving months.


The announcement had already been anticipated by Sergio Massa on August 7, in an act in Ferro together with the social movements.

We are not going to wait until December 10 to launch the productive monotribute. At the end of August we are going to launch a great job with all the social movements, with a DNU. The first thing we have to do is give that worker the right to a social work, work risk insurance, retirement contributionbecause we have to make them visible to put them in the formal circuit of the economy,” said the current candidate for President at that time.

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