how much will they charge in September after the new bonus

how much will they charge in September after the new bonus

The national government announced on Sunday an extra bonus payment for workers and private home workers. It will be for the only time and is part of the battery of measurements announced to moderate the impact of inflation after the devaluation. In this sense, the workers will receive an increase as follows:

  • $25,000 bonus to be paid between the months of September and October and will be proportional to the hours worked.
  • 8% increase that corresponds to the joint agreement signed at the end of July by the National Commission for Work in Private Homes.

It is worth remembering that at that time, a 36% salary increase had been negotiated in three tranches, to be paid between the months of July, August and September. Therefore, this coming month will be the last in which they are covered by parities pending a new meeting at the Ministry of Labor.

Two more extras for domestic workers

As detailed in the agreement made by the National Labor Commission in private homes, an additional fee will be applied for unfavorable zone equivalent to 30% of the minimum wages established for each of the categories with respect to personnel who provide tasks in the provinces of La Pampa, Río Negro, Chubut, Neuquén, Santa Cruz, Tierra del Fuego, Antártida and Islas del Atlántico Sur or in the party of Patagones in the Province of Buenos Aires.

Domestic workers: current values ​​according to each category

According to Resolution 4/2023, domestic employees will be paid from August but effective from July 1, as follows:

Coordination and control of the tasks carried out by two or more people in charge.

retired staff: $1,125 per hour – $140,359.5 monthly

Staff without retirement: $1,232 per hour- Monthly: $156,344.5

  • Personnel for specific tasks

Cooks hired exclusively to carry out said work, and any other household task that requires special suitability of the staff to carry it out.

retired staff: Hourly: $1,065- Monthly: $130,402

Staff without retirement: Hourly: $1,168- Monthly: $145,159.5

Personnel who provide tasks inherent to the general care and preservation of a home where they live due to the employment contract.

Hourly: $1,006 – Monthly: $127,228

  • Assistance and care of people

Includes assistance and non-therapeutic care of people, such as: sick people, people with disabilities, children, adolescents, the elderly.

retired staff: Hourly: $1,006 – Monthly: $127,228

Staff without retirement: Hourly: $1,125 – Monthly: $141,782

  • Staff for general tasks

Provision of cleaning, washing, ironing, maintenance, preparation and cooking tasks and, in general, any other typical household task.

retired staff: Hourly: $932.5- Monthly: $114,415

Personnel without retirement: Hourly: $1,006- Monthly: $127,228

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