Tijen Onaran in the “Lion’s Den”: “For some, a provocation on two legs”

Tijen Onaran in the “Lion’s Den”: “For some, a provocation on two legs”

Tijen Onaran is the new investor in the “Lion’s Den”. In the interview she talks about gender trouble with the other lions and her self-image as a climber and “provocation on two legs”.

Tijen Onaran is one of the loudest female voices in the digital business world. She grew up as the daughter of Turkish parents in Karlsruhe, worked in politics for a few years after graduating from high school before founding the Global Digital Women Community – a network for more diversity and visibility of women in business.

The 38-year-old organizes events, acts as a speaker and moderator, advises companies, podcasts and writes high-reach LinkedIn posts and career books. In addition, she has been investing with her own investment company for almost three years – exclusively in female start-ups. From August 28th she can be seen as an investor in the “Lion’s Den” – as a lioness, not as a mouse, that much is clear.

Ms. Onaran, why did you become an investor in “The Lion’s Den”?
On the one hand, to see cool business ideas that don’t otherwise appear in my filter bubble. On the other hand, to give the topic of social advancement greater visibility on German television. I’m sitting there as a self-made entrepreneur whose parents immigrated to Germany. I stand for diversity and empowerment.

Source: Stern

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