the harsh communiqué of the CAME after the announcements

the harsh communiqué of the CAME after the announcements

He Ministry of Economy announced a set of economic announcements on Sunday, including a bonus for private workers to be awarded in the next two months. However, the Argentine Confederation of Medium Enterprises (CAME) He came out this morning to express his discontent.

“Given the recent announcements made by the Ministry of Economy of the Nation in relation to the payment of a fixed sum for employees, the Argentine Confederation of Medium Enterprises (CAME) remember that the private sector salary adjustment mechanism is the parity and not an imposition of the State on labor relations outside its reach,” the statement began harshly.

In this sense, CAME maintains that each sector of the economy and each company in particular go through different situations that can never be standardized to the point of unilaterally establish general increaseseven if the National Executive assumes 50% of the increase provided.

“In particular, the Commerce and Rural Workers sectors have just held their parities, which implies that the granting of the bonus in question will be absolutely out of date with the reopening of negotiations, within the framework of an accelerated inflationary process. Micro, small and medium-sized companies have been losing their economic results for several months and this imposition will exacerbate that loss.

“State interference in private activity not only makes the natural relationship of employers and employeesbut it puts at risk the weak situation of thousands of SMEs that are going through a scenario of extreme fragility, with costs that are constantly increasing, with the impossibility of importing basic inputs and with a recession that increasingly threatens consumption,” they concluded.

The bonus for workers: what it consists of

The Minister of Labor, Rachel “Kelly” Olmoswas the first official in charge of detailing the measures announced this weekend by her counterpart in Economy, the candidate for president Sergio Massa. In this framework, he announced from when the fixed sum or bonus for workers.

“We are providing in the DNU that in the case of August accrued in September -the bonus- must be paid within the first 15 business days of the month“, said from the headquarters of his portfolio, at Avenida Leandro N. Alem 650, Olmos gave a press conference.

“We know that in many companies the salary settlement process is already underway, in which case they must do so through a complementary receipt,” added the official, remarking that The first installment of the fixed sum for formal workers must be paid within the first 15 business days of September.

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