Workers who do not pay Profits will be able to access credits of up to $400,000

Workers who do not pay Profits will be able to access credits of up to $400,000

At a press conference, the official reported that the Workers with income up to $700,000 and who are not subject to income tax may access credits of up to $400.00.

“For the formal workers of Argentina, we are going to present a new line of credit oriented towards consumption, but which also has the objective of reducing the debt of Argentine families in their credit card debts,” reported Raverta.

The credits are up to $400,000, to be paid in 24, 36 or 48 installments, with a subsidized rate of 50% per year.

“We will be explaining the way in which we are going to implement access to this credit this week, in such a way that in September they can already be available to continue taking care of the pockets of Argentine families”concluded the head of ANSES.


Retirees and pensioners: bonuses and credits

The more than 7,400,000 retirees in Argentina will have an increase of more than 23% in the month of September as a result of the mobility formula.

The retirees and pensioners of the minimum -which add up to 5,000,000- will receive a reinforcement of $37,000 in September, October and November, which will bring the total amount they will receive from next month to $124,000. “The year-on-year increase is going to be 147% in order to continue taking care of the pockets of retired men and women in Argentina,” said Raverta.

In addition, it will be a VAT refund on purchases that they make with cards for up to $18,000.

They will also have access to a credit program up to $400,000 at a quarter of the rate they pay in the bank at 24, 36 and 48 months.

Universal Child Allowance (AUH)

“In the month of September, the 2,400,000 mothers who have the Universal Child Allowance (AUH) will have an increase of 23.2%; but also those who have children up to 14 years of age will receive an increase in the Alimentar Program”, the official continued.

  • Families with one child: Feed $22,000 + AUH $17,093
  • Families with two children: Feed $34,500 + AUH $34,186
  • Families with three children: Feed $45,500 + AUH $51,279

Progress Scholarships

For adolescents between the ages of 16 and 17, the Progress Scholarships go from $12,780 to $20,000 from September.

Source: Ambito

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