it will not be the same for all workers

it will not be the same for all workers
August 29, 2023 – 09:45

The Minister of Labor, Kelly Olmos, spoke on a radio program and gave details of how the bonus should be paid according to income. However, the most notable data is linked to the dollar.


The Minister of Labor, Kelly Olmos, spoke on a radio show and gave details of how the $60,000 bonus will be paid to workers. There he revealed that this benefit will not be the same for everyone and explained that those who collect it will not be able to access the exchange market.

In statements with Urbana Play, the official indicated that the $400,000 are net and the additional ones are counted. If the additional leave the salary above $400,000, the bonus will not be collected. At the same time, she indicated that the bonus is individual and proportional to the workload.

“If a person wins $390,000, would be charged $100,000, is proportional to the top of $400,000 net included additionals and the bonus”.

Dollar: can the workers who collect the bonus access the exchange market?

According to the minister, whoever collects the bonus is left out of the purchase of official dollar. “Indeed, we don’t want this to go to the gap, we want it to go to consumption. Whoever collects the bonus is left out of the exchange market.”



Today to the dollar I save Around 800,000 people access through home banking, according to the latest report “Evolution of the Exchange Balance” published by the central bank. Monthly, the agency loses month after month around US$160 and US$170 million for purchases of banknotes for hoarding.

Despite the minister’s word, the DNU is still awaiting confirmation of the measure and more details about this resolution.

Who can’t buy dollar savings?

  • Beneficiaries of ANSES credits that have not canceled the debt.
  • Beneficiaries of energy and water subsidies.
  • Beneficiaries of social plans or ANSES programs such as the Universal Child Allowance.
  • People without declared or consistent income, so it includes both people who do not have a job or work informally/black.
  • Co-owners of bank accounts.
  • Those who refinanced any credit card balance in the last 12 months.
  • Monotributistas who requested loans at rate 0.
  • People who accessed the “MEP” exchange rate.
  • UVA credit holders who benefited from the rate freeze during the pandemic.
  • The owners of small and medium-sized businesses that have accessed loans at preferential rates.
  • People who benefited from the “income booster”
  • People who have operated Argentine Deposit Certificates, better known as cedears, cryptocurrencies or negotiable obligations in the last 90 days. In the event of accessing the savings dollar, access to said assets is prevented for 90 days after the last purchase of the savings dollar.
  • People included in the pension moratorium.
  • People who collect the $60,000 bonus in the months of September and October.

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