Dollar, inflation and employment, Melconian’s definitions of his economic proposal

Dollar, inflation and employment, Melconian’s definitions of his economic proposal
August 31, 2023 – 12:16 PM

The economist drafted a project together with his team from the Mediterranean Foundation that he presented to the candidate for president of Together for Change, Patricia Bullrich.

The Economist Carlos Melconian drafted a government proposal for the Elections 2023 that he presented this Thursday from Córdoba together with the candidate for president for Together for Change, Patricia Bullrich. Within the framework of an event organized by the Mediterranean Foundation, it made known what its axes would be on the dollar, inflation and employment in case of arriving at the Palacio de Hacienda by the former head of the PRO.

Melconian defined his program as “a true reform to bring out the frustration of the colleagues who are suffering from it.” “Disruptive but within the system,” she added.

“Argentine society can be and remain calm, there is a plan, there is a program that is realistic, it is implementable, it has common sense, it is practical and it is not dogmatic. It has a horizon, it has a future, it has light at the end of the tunnel. We are not facing a leap into the void and it is essential that it be understood,” he said.

The economist also took the opportunity to question the current management by stating: “This is not the adjustment, what is happening is the adjustment”. “We are going to come for the solution, not for the adjustment. This has a solution and it is between all of us, there is no magician or magic pass to solve this, “he added.

Throughout his speech, Melconián chose to distance himself, although without naming him, with the candidate of Freedom Advances, javier milei. “The only thing that is prohibited here is to fantasize about theories that are impossible to put into practice,” she said in that regard.

Melconián, who melted into a hug with Patricia Bullrich At the end of his speech, he maintained that the proposed economic reforms will not be “overnight.” “But at some point we have to start and it is today, we have everything to stop, and we are facing the final stretch,” he said. “The political leadership has appeared,” she said, referring to the former Security Minister, although she warned: “We need the support of all of Argentine society.”

“We will flood every corner of the country with our proposals that are capitalist, western, federal and progressive,” the economist said hopefully.

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