We need a strong and active state to settle the debts that our democracy drags

We need a strong and active state to settle the debts that our democracy drags
September 1, 2023 – 12:51

The Secretary for Strategic Affairs, Mercedes Marcó del Pont, participated in the first La Banda Book Fair, in Santiago del Estero. During her visit, the official met with the governor, Gerardo Zamora, where they discussed the opportunities offered by the energy transition.

“Our democracy is damaged, the attempted assassination of the vice president Cristina Fernandez and the lack of clarification about its authors and instigators show that limits were crossed in our democratic pact”, warned the Secretary of Strategic Affairs, Mercedes Marco del Pontafter meeting with the governor of Santiago del Estero, Gerardo Zamora, in the Government House of the provincial capital.

“The attack is inserted in a scenario where violence, denial, hatred, misogyny and disqualification took over the public discourse of the opposition,” said Marcó del Pont, who traveled to the province to exhibit at the first Fair of the Book of the municipality of La Banda together with the municipal authorities. “The answer to the problems and debts that our democracy drags is not with the disappearance of the State but with its strengthening and with politics. We must demand a better State”, affirmed the official.

“We have debts in economic and social matters but we do not resign ourselves, but rather continue fighting to build an inclusive homeland that favors work, industry, education, science and health,” said Marcó del Pont, warning that “we must be very keep in mind that, with nuances, two thirds of the 40 years of our democracy passed under neoliberal regimes”.

During her speech at the first Book Fair of the municipality of La Banda where she was accompanied by the mayor, Roger Nediani, and the deputy mayor of La Banda, Gabriel Santillán; Marcó del Pont warned that “the proposals made by the entire opposition have nothing new. But not only do they repeat failed recipes, but they choose to ignore what is happening in the world where all states promote active industrialization policies.

“We have the obligation to deepen our efforts and vindicate politics to continue showing Argentine society that we have proposals and transformations to build a better future,” said Marcó del Pont, highlighting “the opportunity that the energy transition opens to promote the local industrialization of resources such as lithium and for that we must guarantee the availability of internal lithium supply and promote an industrialization process that favors the northern provinces of the country,” said Marcó del Pont, highlighting the project promoted by the province to build a battery production plant.

“The province of Santiago del Estero is a pioneer in proposing the installation of a plant to manufacture batteries, but to guarantee the viability of the project it is necessary to have a government with a country project that favors productive development, the internal market, industrialization and territorial development”, indicated Marcó del Pont.

Source: Ambito

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