Nearly half of Germans have difficulty paying housing costs

Nearly half of Germans have difficulty paying housing costs

40.5% of Germans can barely afford housing costs in that country, especially those related to rent payments, according to an online survey carried out by YouGov on behalf of the bank. Postbank.

Germany is experiencing a delicate situation with the economic situation of the households that must face these expenses, which represent almost a third of the average salary.

It is also a country where more than half of its population (50.5%) rents, according to 2021 data from the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis).

According to the survey carried out among 2,051 people, almost two thirds of Germans (62.4%) consider that the costs are too high, 50.8% say that they can hardly afford their home and 7.4% declare that you can no longer afford the current expenses.

“This, coupled with the sharp increase in the cost of living, is bringing many people to a financial breaking point,” Manuel Beermann, a Postbank real estate expert, said in statements quoted by the DPA news agency.

Tenants, faced with this situation, would prefer to have their own home, but multiple factors prevent them from doing so.

Among the obstacles mentioned are the lack of own capital (55.1%), the high financing and purchase costs (42.7% and 40.9%), as well as the lack of supply (16.9%), the survey specified.

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