Aviation: New name for Lufthansa holiday airlines

Aviation: New name for Lufthansa holiday airlines

Lufthansa’s holiday flight subsidiary is now called discover.airlines. The company starts with currently 22 machines.

The holiday flight subsidiary of the Lufthansa Group, which was founded two years ago, is given a new look. The company Eurowings Discover becomes discover.airlines, as the company announced in Frankfurt. The new name is also associated with a new brand design, which uses the colors blue and yellow to emphasize the airline’s proximity to Lufthansa and its leisure activities. A first jet with a new livery is scheduled to fly from Frankfurt to Mallorca on Wednesday.

However, all references to the direct flight sister company Eurowings will disappear. The similarity in name to Eurowings had caused confusion for many passengers. The Discover flights were already organized by the core company Lufthansa. With its currently 22 aircraft in Germany, the company takes off exclusively from the Lufthansa hubs in Frankfurt and Munich.

Discover boss Bernd Bauer announced six new aircraft for the coming year. Of these, five short-haul Airbus A320 jets are to be stationed in Munich. An A330 long-haul jet will be added in Frankfurt, where the core of the fleet will be based with 23 aircraft. From 2025, Discover also wants to offer long-distance flights from Munich.

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