the Government defines how companies can absorb it

the Government defines how companies can absorb it

The Government published this Tuesday, September 5, a Resolution in the Official Gazette which clarifies some of the points about the $60,000 bonus that public and private workers will receive earning less than $400,000 per month and clear the way in which it is lump sum can be considered in joint negotiations of each sector.

In the document, which bears the signature of the Minister of Labor, Raquel “Kelly” Olmosit is specified that the beneficiaries will be workers with labor relations declared until August 31, 2023, as long as they have effectively provided tasks.

Through the Resolution 1133/2023said portfolio clarified that for the fixed sum “does not affect the dynamics of collective bargaining“, the amount, to be paid in two installments, “may “be absorbed as salary increases” established in the Collective Labor Agreements.

In this context, the Ministry of Labor decided to make some clarifications that lead to “to achieve an effective and efficient application of the measure” regarding its calculation for future parity increases.

$60,000 bonus: how does it impact parity increases?

The Resolution clarifies that the possibility of absorbing these allowances in concept of salary increases established in the collective work agreements, It will only be applied if the mechanism to absorb them has been expressly provided for in clauses of the Agreements or Collective Bargaining Agreements already agreed for the remuneration accrued in the months of August and September 2023. In case if not specifically agreedsalary increases already agreed may not be absorbed.

It also clarifies that the Negotiating Commissions may, in ongoing negotiationsagree, through an express rule, the absorption of the non-remunerative allowances provided for in the Decree. Otherwise, the salary increases that are agreed cannot be absorbed.

This means that all discounts for future increases corresponding to the $60,000 bonus It must be explicitly clarified in the joint agreements that are closed, even though it allows this is absorbed retroactively in future increases.

Thus, the measure published this Tuesday establishes that although the joint agreements prior to the announcement of the bond they will not include the fixed sum in the calculations of the agreed salary increasesfuture negotiations for the coming months may consider it as a “advancement” of income increases for workers.

The resolution emphasizes that, in the absence of an express mention of this mechanismsubsequent salary agreements may not be absorbed.

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