The Government will freeze electricity and gas rates until November

The Government will freeze electricity and gas rates until November

After announcing the price agreement and the fuel freezinghe Government ordered to stop increases in electricity and gas rates at least until Novemberin the middle of the battery of measures to contain the increase in inflation, after the devaluation ordered by the BCRA at the request of the IMF.

The decision was made by the Ministry of Economy, in charge of Sergio Massa, and will govern for residential users, as reported by the channel C5N. In this way, households will not receive increases in public utility bills for gas and electricity until November.

The freezing of rates is added to the battery of measures taken by the national government after the 22% devaluation ordered after the result of the PASO in August, which is expected to raise the inflation rate to double digits.

Price agreements and fuel freezing

One of the decisions announced by the portfolio led by the Unión por la Patria presidential candidate after the devaluation jump was the extension of the price agreement for 90 dayswith monthly increases of up to 5%.

Guillermo Michel, head of Customs and who heads the recently created price bargaining unitannounced the measure during a press conference in Economy. “We are renewing the price agreements and establishing increases of 5% per month for 90 days,” he said.

Days later, Economy reported that at least 337 companies adhered to the plan. The novelty is that in addition to supermarkets, footwear, cell phones, mass consumption, clothing, widespread supplies, motorcycles, white goods and small appliances are also incorporated into the list.

In parallel, it was also announced the fuel price freeze pump until October 31, after an understanding reached with the main oil companies that operate in the country.

At a press conference, Massa confirmed that during the term of the agreement with the oil companies “there will be no more increases in fuel” and explained that the decision arises from the fact that part of the impact of the devaluation has already been assumed by the consumer, another part it will be assumed by the companies and a third part by the State “that it is going to resign part of the resources that it collects in taxes from fuel companies.”

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