Freeze electricity and gas rates for households

Freeze electricity and gas rates for households
September 6, 2023 – 00:00

After announcing the price agreement for mass consumption and other sectors and the freezing of fuels, the Government decided to stop the increases in electricity and gas rates in principle until November. The measure is coupled with the announced Program to Strengthen Economic Activity and Income with the objective of containing the increase in inflation after the devaluation ordered by the BCRA at the request of the IMF.

The decision applies to residential users. In this way, by not formalizing new rate charts, households have not received increases in public utility bills for gas and electricity since September, as the International Monetary Fund stated in its latest Staff Report, which indicated that it should be transferred to the bills. the higher cost of energy generation derived from the devaluation to avoid an increase in subsidies.

This definition adds to the battery of measures taken by the national government after the 22% devaluation ordered after the result of the August PASO, which is expected to raise the inflation rate to two digits.

One of the decisions announced by the portfolio led by Sergio Massa after the devaluation jump was the extension of the Fair Prices agreement for mass consumption for 90 days, with monthly increases of up to 5%.

In parallel, the freezing of fuel prices was announced until October 31 (after the 12.5% ​​rise), after an agreement reached with the main oil companies.

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