business chambers asked to continue public-private work in the sector

business chambers asked to continue public-private work in the sector

While the last hours remain to take advantage of the benefits of the Pre-Tripbusinessmen of the Tourism and officials from all over the country dedicated to encouraging the sector issued a statement in order to give continuity to the public politics of stimulus.

“Defend the tourism sector is to protect a fundamental industry for the development of the national economy in the coming years”, the document begins where they recall that during the pandemic “Hundreds of towns and cities were very resentful in their social and economic structure,” as a result of the stoppage of activity due to care measures.

However, they pointed out that state accompaniment in the post-pandemic allowed us to see “an activity recovering and growing, with 55,000 jobs generated in the last year, 2,800 companies created this year and $3.5 billion distributed by the 4.5 million foreign tourists so far in 2023″. In addition to highlighting the state investment in infrastructure, roads and enhancement of the historical heritagedetailed that the tourist movement generates “employment genuine and direct for more than 675,000 workers“.

Subsequently, they analyzed that “for the tourism consolidates as a engine of growth and the employment generation For Argentines, joint work between the public sector and private sector“. Within this framework, they called “on the political forces, the candidates for president and their campaign teams, to have the tourism to make the country grow, to deepen the public-private work as a work model and that they bet on the sector”.

“He future of Argentina is with more companies tourist, no less; is with more workers than tourism, not with less; is with more federalismnot with less.” they added and concluded: “The future of Argentina It is with more and better tourism in all destinations in our homeland“.


The text bears the rubric of the Argentine Chamber of Tourism; of the Gastronomic Hotel Business Federation; the Association of Tourism Hotels; the Argentine Federation of Associations of Travel and Tourism Companies; the Association of Organizers and Suppliers of Exhibitions, Congresses, Events and Convention Bureaus; and of ministers, secretaries and presidents of provincial entities of the Tourism of the Nation and the 24 districts.

Pre-Trip 5: important program information

Last Thursday the fifth edition of the Pre-Travel Program, that will allow the purchase of tourist services until September 7, to be used between September 29 and October 17 throughout the country.

At a presentation ceremony in the city of Parana, the minister of Tourism, matias lammenshighlighted that since its implementation 7 million people reaped the benefits of Pre-Tripa program that he described as “the Public politics most important in history in terms of tourism”.

The minister of Economy, Sergio Massapondered its success and anticipated that, in the event of his electoral triumph, “there will be PreViaje 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10.”

Regarding the details, he explained that PreTrip 5 returns to tourists, from September to October 17, 50% of what they spend, up to $100,000 per person. As a particularity, it stands out that, in the contemplated range, there is the long weekend from October 13 to 16.

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