Obras Sociales and prepaid reimbursement amounts rise in line with inflation

Obras Sociales and prepaid reimbursement amounts rise in line with inflation
September 6, 2023 – 20:00

An update of the reimbursement amounts made by health system providers was carried out in order to adjust them in line with the inflation forecast for the coming months.

In the actual context of high inflationand taking into account the expectation that the data of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for August could be above 10%, according to the projections of private consultants, the Superintendence of Health Services updated the amounts of refunds for devices, procedures and medicines carried out by social works to their beneficiaries.

The update was done through the Resolution 1784/2023of the regulatory body of the obras sociales and prepaid sector, whose annex was corrected by the Resolution 1797/2023both published this Wednesday in the Official Gazette.

The measure seeks recompose the amounts of the refundswhich had been last updated in April of this year, to protect the beneficiaries of social works of the inflationary effects that the devaluation implemented in the middle of the month, along with the injection of pesos into the economy as a result of a series of relief measures that the Government applied to contain the adverse effects that this 22% jump in the price of the official dollar could have on the pockets of the different most vulnerable social sectors.

Thus, the maximum reimbursement values ​​provided for benefits achieved by the Single Reimbursement System for Disease Management (SURGE) are the following from the benefits provided from September 1, 2023, inclusive:

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