Employment continued to increase significantly in the spring

Employment continued to increase significantly in the spring
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As reported by Statistics Austria, it rose by 42,100 to 4,480,900 people aged 15 and over. Overall, the number of people in employment increased by 0.9 percent compared to the second quarter of 2022, with an increase of 1.3 percent for women and 0.7 percent for men.

The only driver was the service sector, while there was a slight decline in industry, commerce and agriculture. 70.9 percent of the workforce currently work in the service sector, 25.9 percent in industry and commerce, and 3.2 percent in the agricultural sector.

It is also striking that the part-time rate among employed men increased by 0.8 percentage points, while among women there was a minus of 0.7 percentage points. Furthermore, every second employed woman works part-time, but only every eighth man.

Further decline in weekly work output

The statisticians also provide interesting figures on the ongoing discussion on working hours: They continue to notice a decline in the average weekly work output. In the second quarter of 2023, full-time employees worked an average of 35.8 hours in their main job (men: 36.5; women: 34.2). Part-time workers worked an average of 18.6 hours a week (men: 17.4; women: 19.0). “Regardless of full-time/part-time, this resulted in an average weekly workload of a total of 30.5 hours in the main job, slightly less than in the previous year,” Statistics Austria said in a broadcast today.

The volume of work has increased, with 11 million more hours worked than in the previous year. This was accomplished exclusively by women. The total volume of work also includes 47 million overtime hours worked in April, May and June 2023.

38.5 percent of the unemployed women were only looking for a part-time job in the spring. Overall, in the second quarter of 2023, more than half of the unemployed (55.2 percent) would only like full-time employment. The gender-specific differences are very large here: 70 percent of the unemployed men but only 38.4 percent of the women were exclusively looking for a full-time job.

Number of unemployed increased

The number of unemployed according to the international definition rose in the second quarter for the second time in a row year-on-year: A total of 224,700 unemployed people were looking for work, which is 13.5 percent more than in the same quarter of the previous year.

According to the microcensus labor force survey by Statistics Austria for the second quarter of 2023, 3,932,300 people were employed in the second quarter of this year, 496,100 were self-employed and a further 52,500 worked unpaid in family businesses as helping family members.

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