last hours, how to take advantage and where to buy

last hours, how to take advantage and where to buy

previous trip 5 will conclude this Thursdayand until the last minute you can purchase tourist services to be used between September 29 and October 17 throughout the country, with a 50% refund, which in the case of retirees reaches 70%.

The fifth edition of Pre-trip was launched last week, by the minister of Economy, Sergio Massaand was enabled last Friday to begin purchasing tickets, stays and other tourist services.


PreViaje will be in effect from the end of September to the end of October of this year

This new edition allows the purchase of tourist services to be used between September 29 and October 17 throughout the country, which includes the last extra-long weekend of the year, which runs from October 13 to 16, for the Day of Respect for Cultural Diversity.

The deadline to upload the vouchers will be until midnight on Friday.

What is the Preview?

Previaje is a tourist pre-sale program that reimburses 50% of the value of purchases related to the trip in credits. In the case of people affiliated with PAMI, the return is 70%.

“He Pre-trip It is the decision of the State to invest in a policy to promote economic activity. The State will return to people from September to October 17 50% of what they spend and up to $100,000 to be able to do tourism” within the country, he highlighted. Massa.


When can the Previaje be used?

through the Resolution 376/2023, the Ministry of Tourism and Sports He specified that only advance purchases made from tourism providers “duly invoiced and paid in full” within the national territory will be covered by the program and capable of generating benefits, subject to the following classification:

  • Fall Low Season: Advance Purchases Made From April 19 to 25, 2023including, for services to be used by the May 24 to June 30, 2023inclusive.
  • Spring low season: advance purchases made from September 1 to 7, 2023including, for services to be used by the September 29 to October 17, 2023even”.

How does the Pretrip work?

Beneficiaries will receive a coupon credit equivalent to 50% of the total amount credited for advance purchaseswhich they may use only for the acquisition of tourist services provided within the national territory, the Ministry clarified.

And he pointed out that retirees will be able to obtain recognition of 70% of the total amount credited for advance purchases.

In which services can the Previaje be used?

Pursuant to the provisions, advance purchases for accommodation services in campsites and/or mountain refuges, hotels, hostels, cabins, bungalows, apartments and similar residential areas, except by the hour, accommodation in ranches and youth hostels and services in apartments of shared time; travel and transportation agencies, may generate credit as a benefit for an amount of $70,000 for the dates established for the autumn low season, and $100,000 for the spring low season, with services to be used from September 29 to September 17 October 2023 inclusive.

Advance purchases for excursion services, ski center services, sport fishing, health tourism, thermal tourism and/or similar services and wineries, botanical gardens, zoos, amusement parks, theme parks, recreational parks, museums and Preservation of Historic Buildings and Sites may generate benefit credit for a total amount of $5,000.

According to the Resolution, the credit coupons must be used in the activities and items listed below: accommodation services, travel agencies, transportation, tour guides, center services, rental of goods, dance hall services, and regional products, among others.

The coupons will be available for use from the date of provision of the service(s) purchased and until October 31, 2023, inclusive.and will be credited and used through the preloaded payment card in its physical mode.

These coupons may not be used for purchases in installments or for the acquisition of international air, land, sea or fluvial transfers and/or services to be provided or developed, totally or partially, outside the national territory, in accordance with the official text.

Source: Ambito

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