Alberto Fernández will guarantee gas exports to Chile

Alberto Fernández will guarantee gas exports to Chile
September 8, 2023 – 00:00

This is an agreement to ensure uninterrupted volumes until December 31, 2024. Mercosur diplomats refine a unified response to the European Union.

Photo: Esteban Collazo (Presidency of the Nation).

President Alberto Fernandez will travel to Chili on September 11 and, in that context, will guarantee its counterpart Gabriel Boric the supply of gas with uninterrupted volumes until December 31, 2024. This is an agreement on which the Foreign Ministry and the Ministry of Economy of both nations have been working together. It will give predictability to the neighboring country in energy matters and at the local level it will promote sales in one of the sectors targeted to increase exports in the coming years.

It is clear that the bet of Alberto Fernandez In foreign policy it was and is regional integration. In fact, at this time the diplomats from the different countries that make up Mercosur They are working to respond with a unified position to the last side letter that the European Union sent within the framework of the negotiations with the South American bloc to reach a trade agreement. On the 19th, in Brasilia, there could be news.

But it is not the only strategic front in the commercial aspect of the region. The war between Russia and Ukraine highlighted the importance of reliable energy suppliers. Given the decline in production in Bolivia, everyone in South America looks to Vaca Muerta as a possible source of supply. Recent and ongoing infrastructure advances consolidate the Neuquén basin as a viable option.

On September 11, after his participation in the G20, Fernández will travel directly from New Delhi to Chile, where he will meet with Boric and participate in the events that will be held for the 50th anniversary of the coup d’état against the government of Salvador Allende. He will also take advantage of the occasion to discuss the energy integration process in which the Undersecretary of Latin American Affairs of the Foreign Ministry, led by Gabriel Fuks, and the Ministry of Energy, headed by Flavia Royón, with their Chilean counterparts.

As official sources confirmed to Ámbito, “Argentina authorized exportable volumes on an uninterrupted basis until December 31, 2024”. In that sense, they detailed that these are “firm natural gas exports for the subsequent winter season for up to 5 million cubic meters per day and until the end of 2024 for up to 9 million cubic meters per day through the central zone from October to December. of 2024”.

From the wallet you drive Santiago Cafiero, They explained that the operation was coordinated with “sufficient notice so that Chilean buyers can optimize their decision-making.” At the same time, they highlighted gas as “the most sustainable way, in environmental and economic terms, to move towards the decarbonization of the energy matrix, by taking advantage of Argentina’s competitive advantages in production and the energy complementarity that characterizes the bilateral relationship.” .

The Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, and his team have been emphasizing the need to increase exports and diversify the exportable basket. For this, the energy sector is one of those that shows the greatest potential. According to INDEC data, in the period from January to July, natural gas was exported to Chile for more than US$556 million, which implies a growth of 86.8% compared to the same period of the previous year.

The Government assures that firm natural gas exports carried out starting in 2020 with the launch of the Gas.Ar Plan “strengthened the relationship and credibility of Argentina as a supplier.” Therefore, from Chile there is also a political and economic interest regarding the provision of the resource, since it seeks to import cheaper and cleaner energy.

Source: Ambito

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