Massa has breakfast with businessmen and defends the fixed-sum bonus

Massa has breakfast with businessmen and defends the fixed-sum bonus
September 9, 2023 – 10:02

The Minister of Economy will also relaunch the campaign accompanied by all sectors of Peronism.

The minister of Economy, Sergio Massaparticipate in the Sheraton hotel in Tucumán of a breakfast with the ten regional Argentine Industrial Union (UIA). The candidate of Union for the Homeland (UP) will relaunch the campaign this afternoon accompanied by all sectors of Peronism, from Maximo Kirchner until the CGTthe CTAsocial movements and the league of governors.

After complaints from the president of the UIA, Daniel Funes from Riojaby fixed sum announced by the minister of Economy, Massa received the support of the businessmen of the great north who attended the breakfast organized by Juan Manzur with the presence of national cabinet ministers such as Victoria Tolosa Paz and Matthias Lammens. At the meeting at the Sheraton hotel he was also Axel Kicillofafter the dinner he offered Manzur on Friday night at his residence to Massa and the governors.

Massa and Manzur in Tucumán.jpg

Sergio Massa and Juan Manzur.

Sergio Massa and Juan Manzur.


The objective of the campaign command U.P. on this Tucumán scale it is exhibit Peronism as a federal force with consolidated leadership at the provincial level. At this stage, governors, mayors and leaders will redouble their work and travel in each territory.

For this reason, it was decided to expand the operational coordination of the campaign with Eduardo Wado de Pedro as campaign manager with a daily work and collegiate operational table that also has a chair reserved for Malena Galmarini and Juan Manuel Olmos. In this new stage there will also be more prominence of Massa.

Massa Tucumán.jpeg

Juan Manzur and Sergio Massa.

Juan Manzur and Sergio Massa.

On Friday Funes de Rioja warned that “Businessmen are afraid” because there are measures that “they melt them”and demanded to go towards a unemployment insurance systema scheme similar to that proposed by the candidate of Freedom Advances, Javier Milei.

“We are now discussing this bonus. For a year we have been arguing that there should only be joint ventures and they plug us in a non-remunerative one overnight“, She complained.

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