Misiones will host the 1st Mercosur Sustainable Agriculture Summit

Misiones will host the 1st Mercosur Sustainable Agriculture Summit

The 1st Mercosur Sustainable Agriculture Summit will take place on October 18 in the Knowledge Park of the city of Posadas, with the presence of exhibitors, producers, fairgrounds, researchers and specialists in sustainable production, it was officially reported.

The event will feature more than 20 simultaneous conferences with the presence of exhibitors specializing in sustainable production from Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Europe.

During a presentation held at the Government House, the vice-governor of the province, Carlos Arce, assured that “these events are essential to work in an articulated manner between the public and private sectors.”

He explained that “one of the objectives of the provincial government is to continue strengthening public policies in order to achieve a balance between health, production and the environment.”

For his part, the Minister of Agriculture, Facundo López Sartori, commented that the event will have the motto “Agriculture and health hand in hand”, and highlighted that “Misiones is one of the first provinces to incorporate bioinputs into production, with technologies that allow us to take care of the health of all workers and also the environment”

The head of the agricultural portfolio commented that “this summit is a great meeting that will allow us all to learn about different experiences and good practices to continue strengthening sustainable production.”

Meanwhile, the Minister of Family Agriculture, Marta Ferreira, indicated that “the province of Misiones has opted for a paradigm shift a long time ago with the use of bioinputs for production on farms.”

“From our place, accompanying producers is a challenge and a great task in the transition towards a sustainable productive model for the future of the province,” said the official.

Among the main objectives of the event is to put the new demands of the productive sectors on the national and international agenda, generating synergy between all participants.

Attendees will be able to participate in talks, debates and dissertations about the incorporation of new methods that recover the soil, the diversification of agricultural production and the balance between productivity, health care and environmental protection.

For this, the topics that will be addressed at the meeting are: organic, agroecological and biodynamic production; science and research in sustainable agriculture; ecosystem services, biodiversity and production; sustainable use of resources in indigenous communities; education and production; conscious eating (healthy production and consumption.

The Summit is open and free to all people who wish to learn more about the topics that will be addressed during the day, it was reported.

Source: Ambito

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