Argentina will export sheep, goats and genetic material to Chile

Argentina will export sheep, goats and genetic material to Chile
September 9, 2023 – 1:54 p.m.

It is the result of years of negotiation between Senasa and the Chilean veterinary service.

He National Agri-Food Health and Quality Service (Senasa) agreed with Chili the models of International Veterinary Certificate (CVI) for export sheep and goats with destination to work. At the same time, the agreement includes the export of genetic material of these species, which must come from the Free Zone Without Foot and Mouth Disease Vaccinationas announced this Saturday by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries of the Nation.

The opening of a new market for the shipment of these goods was achieved through the Animal Health Directorate (DNSA) of the Senasawhich he established together with the Agricultural and Livestock Service (SAG) of Chile the conditions and model of the CVIas reported in a statement.



The Secretary Juan José Bahillo stated that “the trade agreement It is an advance in the line of work proposed by the Minister of Economy, Sergio Massawhat reflect many years of negotiations with the neighboring country and add a new binational exchangesuch as the export of cattle from the Patagonian region that is currently in force.”

For her part, the director of Foreign Animal Trade of Senasa, Laura Gimenezhighlighted that “the possibility of export semen and embryos of sheep and goats to Chile and small ruminants for slaughter, after years of health negotiationsis a show of trust of the SAG regarding the control systems and health guarantees provided by the Senasa“.

As for the sending genetic materialit was reported that according to the established conditions In negotiations with the Chilean veterinary service, artificial insemination centers and embryo collection and processing centers must be previously authorized by the SAG.

Uruguay Sheep


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Progress and future expectations

Furthermore, when it comes to export of small ruminants for slaughterthe authorization of the establishment by the SAG will not be necessary.

“The agreement also means a Advance on the path to travel to achieve the export of sheep and goats for reproduction and fatteningof high interest both for Argentine Patagonian producers, as well as for Chilean producers to acquire Argentine genetics,” added Giménez.

The SAG committed, over the next few months, to send its evaluation of the CVI proposals sent by Senasa for send sheep and goats with destination of reproduction and fattening to Chilias officially reported.

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