After devaluation, prices skyrocketed, how much do supplies cost?

After devaluation, prices skyrocketed, how much do supplies cost?
September 9, 2023 – 15:49

The price increase is also having a strong impact on sales. Neighborhood businesses warn about a drop in the amount of products sold.

The library items HE they shot more than 90%behind the devaluation. In that same sense, the paper category increased 130%what adds pressure to families’ pockets that have boys at school and were already affected by the inflation general.

To renew a notebooka pen and a highlighter pen The client must pay approximately $4,500. A kindergarten kit can be obtained for a minimum price of $6,400while that of primary round the $9,300. In the case of the secondary, it is $8,500. The most purchased supplies in recent days are booklets ($1,620), notebooks ($1400) and pens ($200).

65% of Argentines buy school supplies in bookstores

Traders in the sector They say that we should go back to three decades ago to find a similar remark.

Since PASO, the prices of some bookstore items were duplicated. Similar price spike is also having a strong impact on sales and the neighborhood shops warn about a strong low in the quantity of products sold.

Three months before the end of the school yearthe increases recorded in recent weeks further complicate a family budget which was already very pressured by increases in food and drinks, expenses and go up in the school fees and prepaidamong other key areas.


School Supplies.

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How much do bookstore items cost?

  • Blocks of 480 sheets: $10 thousand
  • Pens: they show increases of up to 40% percent
  • Colored pencils: 30% increases
  • A photocopy: costs $40 In the event that it is a student and up to $70 if not.
  • Ringed: may be worth a few $100. If you add the 120 sheet printingit would cost $7,800.
  • Set of microfibers and highlighters: before PASO it had a cost of $1,500 pesoslast week he offered to $3,000.
  • Kit of notebooka pencila pen and a concealer: It costs $3,200.

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