Food prices increased 1.6% in the first week of September

Food prices increased 1.6% in the first week of September

Waiting for the official data of August inflation that will be released this week, a private consulting firm that usually does weekly surveys on the foodreleased the results for the beginning of September.

According LCG, Food prices rose 1.6% in the first seven days of September. This meant a slowdown of 0.6 percentage points compared to the previous week. Fruits, condiments and takeaways increased the most at the beginning of the ninth month of 2023.

With this result, the food inflation accumulates a monthly increase of 10.4% average in the last four weeks, driven mainly by increases in meat.

According to the work, for the last seven weeks the acceleration in the prices of the food basket has been generalized.

Food: which products increased in the first week of September

By analyzing only the first week of September, the fruit were the products that increased the most with a 7%. The podium was completed with the condiments (3.9%) and ready-to-go meals (3%).

According to the consultant LCG, five out of 10 categories analyzed were located by above the monthly average that was 1.6%. Meanwhile, the weekly increase in breaded explained almost a third of the total variation.

Besides,The report highlighted that the price variations of the week presented extreme values with high dispersion, in relation to the previous seven days.

Thus, the percentage of products with weekly increases reached the twenty-one%, 7 percentage points below of the average of the last four weeks.

Screenshot 2023-09-10 134028.png

Foods: which ones increased in the last month

According to the survey, the foods presented a average increase of 10.4% in the last four weeks. Meanwhile, the products in the basket rose 10.2% measured from end to end in the same period.

For the fourth consecutive week, the meat remains the category that contributes the most to monthly inflation, which reflects an acceleration of 3.7 percentage points.

Over the last four weeks, five from 10 categories surveyed showed top rises to the 10.4%which was the average increase in food in that period and the others were above the 6%.

According to LCG, The monthly price variations were as follows:

  • Meats: 11.9%;
  • Fruits: 11.7%;
  • Drinks and infusions: 11.1%;
  • Bread, cereals and pasta: 10.9%;
  • Vegetables: 10.9%;
  • Sugar: 9.4%;
  • Takeaway meals: 8.6%;
  • Condiments and other food products: 7.3%;
  • Oils: 7.2%;
  • Dairy and eggs: 6.5%.

Source: Ambito

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