The new Mercado Pago function to save and beat inflation

The new Mercado Pago function to save and beat inflation
September 11, 2023 – 10:14

Mercado Pago launched an effective tool to be able to raise money for vacations, expenses, or anything you need. I know how to activate it.

In a complicated economic scenario, save It seems like an impossible mission for many Argentines. However, virtual wallets offer new tools to fight against inflation and take care of our accounts. Specifically, the app Payment Marketlaunched a new feature that allows users to better organize their money. With this update, our money can be separated into different funds, such as “Organization”, “Savings” and “Emergencies”.

The new utility is called “Bookings” and when you put money there, Payment Market It will separate the fund from the available amount that each person has entered in the app. However, the user may use these money whenever you want.


Yes Mercado Pago has two key tools for its users to earn money.

Yes Mercado Pago has two key tools for its users to earn money.

How does Reservations work?: the new Mercado Pago update

On the main screen of the application you will see the button “Bookings”. By pressing it, you will have to accept the conditions and select the type of savings required. There are three options: for organize money, achieve goals either cover emergencies. Then, you will have to choose a name for the reservation (for example: vacation, supermarket, outings) and assign it an icon.

After pressing Continue, you will have to configure the sum you want to reach and the amounts that will be allocated there. Then, The app will indicate when that money will be collected.

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Payment Market.

To reduce the inflationary effect, the money that is separated into “Bookings” will be placed in a Investment fund that offers Mercado Pago together with Banco Industrial (BIND)which presents a profitability of 81.20% annually. In any case, the money you have in reserves can be redeemed instantly: the application only separates it from the balance to Avoid expenses that prevent completing the goal.

Mercado Pago: how to activate the “Reservations” function step by step

1. Enter the application Payment Market.

2. On the main page, look for the option “Bookings” and click on it.

3. Activate the returns of your account.

4. Accept the terms and conditions and select the reason to separate the money: organization, savings or emergencies.

5. Enter different names for reservations and assign an icon to each one.

6. Configure the amounts that will be allocated to them, regardless of the balance available in the app.

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