Massa announced the increase in the non-taxable minimum and anticipated a presidency marked by the recovery of wages

Massa announced the increase in the non-taxable minimum and anticipated a presidency marked by the recovery of wages

The details of the text and the subsequent announcement were polished by Massa and leaders of the CGT and the CTA during the meeting that took place at the Palacio de Hacienda, in which the national deputy was also present Maximo Kirchner.

Sergio Massa’s announcement in the Plaza de Mayo

Subsequently, the presidential candidate of Unión por la Patria (UP) went out to the Plaza de Mayo and, before a large gathering of union activists, spoke from an improvised stage on a truck. Before, he asked for silence since he returned dysphonic from the event in Tucumán last Saturday.

At the beginning of the speech, the official criticized Macri and said that in 2015, a candidate for president promised you that no worker was going to pay Income Tax. “However, 4 years later, twice as many Argentine workers paid income tax,” he stressed.

Immediately afterwards, he highlighted that in 2019, “we began to follow a path of decrease and we reached this moment, in which less than 800 thousand workers are paying income tax.”

unionism profits (1).jpg

“I would like to convey a conviction to you. For me, salary is not profit: salary is remuneration. It is payment for the work and effort that each worker makes throughout the day, his week, the month. In some way it was shameful that in a country where we promote work, workers pay profits”, broad.

Regarding this aspect, he announced that “we decided to send to Congress a law that eliminates the fourth category of Income Tax for all workers and retirees in Argentina.”

Massa also threw a dart at the opposition. “We hope that just as they said on the networks last week, those opponents who today do not allow us to collect taxes from those who have their money abroad will at least deign to accept that Argentine workers no longer pay the Tax on Profits”.

“We are trying to set a clear path that my presidency will be marked by the recovery of salaries and income in Argentina. We are not stopping there. We believe that when you have a conviction, you have to lead by example,” said the Minister of Economy.

“Don’t buy dollars from me

In another passage, he explained that In Argentina there will only be 80 thousand managers, company directors, privileged retirees or beneficiaries for being directors of high-income companies paying income tax.

Subsequently, he stressed that the workers, their salaries, their overtime, their travel expenses do not pay more income taxes and asked the workers to take care of the economy. “If you have to save, buy a car, some good produced in Argentina. Don’t buy dollars from me,” she said, laughing.

Summit at the Ministry of Economy

Previously, Massa had received this afternoon the main leaders of the General Confederation of Labor (CGT) and the CTA and authorities of the Chamber of Deputies to advance the issue of the Income Tax so that the greatest possible number of workers is excluded from paying this tax.

The Minister of Labor, Raquel “Kelly” Olmos, participated in the meeting, along with union leaders such as Héctor Daer, Hugo Moyano, Carlos Acuña, Sergio Palazzo, Guillermo Moser and Hugo Yasky, among others. Meanwhile, the bases of unionism mobilized to Plaza de Mayo.

Massa, will send to Congress a bill so that workers who earn up to one million pesos, and retirees, with the exception of those with privileges, stop paying income tax starting next year. In this note, the detail of the extentwhich has as its main data the government decision to send a law to that this sum remains fixed and is automatically updated semiannually forward.


Income Tax: how much will the minimum floor rise?

A will be implemented rise above the minimum floor not taxable at $1,770,000. This is an increase of more than 40%, to reduce the impact of the post-STEP devaluation of the peso, which is driving prices by more than 20% in the two months of August and September. With the new floor, all those who earn less than $1.5 million in gross salary will no longer be covered.

Will be covered by the tax directors of corporations, CEOs, managers and assistant managers and beneficiaries of privilege pensions, which imply a very minor percentage of the total employees in a dependency relationship in the entire country.

While will be exempt and they will stop paying teachersdoctors, police and retirees in all cases.

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