a 24-hour insurance system

a 24-hour insurance system
September 12, 2023 – 17:24

The fintech expands its offer of benefits for users of its ecosystem: now they can also pay for personal accident insurance, cell phone and bicycle insurance, and telemedicine, contracted through MeCubro.

Ualá incorporates the possibility of paying through its app, personal accident insurance, cell phone and bicycle insurance, and telemedicine, offered by MeCubro. This service, which can be accessed in just a few clicks, can be purchased per day and on demand (or “pay per use”), which means that you only pay when you need it.

To access, It is necessary to enter the “More” section of the Ualá app and click on the “MeCubro Insurance and Assistance” option. They are available 24 hours a day, all year round, and do not require a purchase service: they are prepaid. Those who choose to use them, whether for themselves or for third parties, will be able to customize them.

MeCubro will offer a wide range of insurance through the Ualá app:

  • Personal accident insurance: available for a variety of industries such as agriculture, construction, health, logistics, events and independent professionals, among other sectors.

  • Insurance for cell phones or bicycles: These insurances cover the value according to the contracted insured sum of a mobile device or bicycle in the event of theft. Additionally, bicycle insurance has civil liability coverage, in addition to offering reimbursement of related expenses.

  • Telemedicine: Online medical consultations of a wide variety of specialties.

  • “Fintech continues to consolidate, allowing users to access a complete financial ecosystem that includes a free international Mastercard card and the possibility of making payments for services and accessing collection options with Ualá Bis, credit and investments with Ualintec Capital, among others. other services,” they explained.

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