Brunner: 2024 roadmap for CO2 storage

Brunner: 2024 roadmap for CO2 storage


Finance Minister Magnus Brunner (VP) gave the starting signal for the development of a national concept today at a meeting with representatives of various interest groups.

Greenpeace had already criticized this as a maneuver by Brunner to distract from the fact that the phase-out of fossil heating systems and the implementation of effective and safe climate protection measures were being neglected.

What cannot be avoided

The opposite is the case, said Brunner in a conversation with journalists. “It is of course primarily about avoiding CO2, but in some areas this is not possible, for example in the cement industry and thermal waste recycling,” said Brunner. This is also confirmed by the German scientist Oliver Geden, who is a member of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Germany will pass a corresponding law at the end of the year, says Geden. The Scandinavians are also very far away. Brunner says Austria wants to learn from others. In order to achieve the climate goals, five to ten million tons of CO2 would have to be stored or processed every year.

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