Economy made Milei’s request to postpone the Budget legal

Economy made Milei’s request to postpone the Budget legal
September 12, 2023 – 9:59 p.m.

A high official source from the Treasury Palace indicated to Ámbito that the request from the Libertad Avanza candidate “was sent to the legal area for study,” although the final word will be Sergio Massa.

Mariano Fuchila

Javier Mileipresidential candidate for La Libertad Avanza, requested “temporarily exempt the National Executive Branch from the obligation provided in article 26 of Law No. 24,156 (…) until the moment the electoral act has been completed”, (of not presenting the Budget project this Friday) arguing that “the competitive electoral performance that our force demonstrated in the last elections” should be taken into account. Milei’s request is that the president could send the Budget project to the Chamber of Deputies, “in consensus with the political force that received the most votes in the October 22 call.”

“It was sent to the legal area for study,” responded a high official source from the Treasury Palace to Ambit.

For several months, the Ministry of Economy has been working on the budget to meet the legal presentation date; both the vice minister and the vice minister are involved Gabriel Rubinstein as Secretary of the Treasury, Raúl Rigo.

The legal area in charge of Ricardo Casal You will have until this Thursday to analyze the request made by Milei given that if the initiative is rejected, the Budget project must enter Parliament on Friday. But, beyond the legal recommendation, the final decision will be made by Sergio Massa.


The former Minister of Economy of the government of Mauricio Macri, Hernan Lacunza Via the networks he questioned whether the request would not have the approval of Massa. “Arrogating who knows what powers to dispense it, a national deputy and presidential candidate asks another candidate and minister (let’s assume not at his request) that breaks a law for 45 million Argentines”, also expressing his rejection.

One of the first to make known his negative position on Milei’s request was the deputy Mario Negri who said: “the ruling party must respect the laws and the libertarian opposition at least know them”

Meanwhile, specialists maintain that the time to approve the budget is longer, therefore the president-elect can be consulted.

Source: Ambito

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