Massa announced the refund of VAT on the Basic Basket for workers, retirees and monotributistas

Massa announced the refund of VAT on the Basic Basket for workers, retirees and monotributistas

Within the framework of a series of advertisements that aim to tax relief from different sectors of the productive economyLike the SMEs or the registered workersthe Minister of Economy Sergio Massa reported on a new decision that impacts the income of retirements, monotributistas and registered workers.

“We have established a program of VAT refund21% of VAT, of the total basic basket of Argentina for the 9 million workers and workers who in the Argentina They receive salaries of up to $708,000“, he summarized Sergio Massa.

Subsequently, he confirmed that “we continue with the return of the 7 million retirees and pensioners of the Social Security System of the Argentine Republic. We have also incorporated into the benefit the 2.3 million monotributistas“regardless of the category.

He also pointed out to those who perceive “the Universal Child Allowance as part of the beneficiaries of this program. Likewise, the 440,000 workers and private home workers “They will also be included in this benefit.”

The measures will be valid from Monday until December 31, But shortly the Executive Branch will send a bill to Congress so that this benefit is extended to 2024 for an amount of up to $23,000 per month.

How the VAT refund announced by Sergio Massa will work

Sergio Massa explained how the VAT refund: “When you make the purchase with the Debitat 48 hours They will be automatically credited with the return of this program called Buy without VAT and that represents the return of the entire VAT in the products of the basic basket“.

“Each worker and each retiree will have, throughout the month or in the different purchases they make, a return within 48 hours after making the purchase with the debit card up to $18,800 throughout the monthwhich is what current legislation allows us today,” he said.

In that sense, he argued that “it is the more progressive measure What can we take into account? tax matter and, in addition, we make a tax effort based on give up other state expenses and to use extraordinary resources resulting from the incorporation of the new tax, which is the Country Taxin the resources of state collection“.

Finally, he reiterated that “You don’t have to do any paperwork, it’s automatic.it is automatically enabled at all shops, supermarkets and minimarkets, greengrocers, butchers, fruit shopswho sell this type of product, because it is concentrated for what it is food and drinks, fruits and vegetables and meat centrally, as well as the personal hygiene products and from the household basket”.

I want to ask the businesses that use formal sales to don’t steal the profit of the VAT refund to the people. And to the workers, monotributistas, beneficiaries of the Universal Allowance, retirees and pensioners use your debit card because this gives them back purchasing power and at 48 hours They will have the money credited to their account. VAT refund without having to do no procedure”, he concluded.

Sergio Massa announced measures for workers and retirees

In his speech, the Economy Minister added other ads for workers and retirees. “Starting Monday, they will have available the credit program from up to $400,000 to be returned in 24, 36 and 48 months with fixed fee and 50% rate. And in tomorrow, director of ANSES He is going to tell you the details but the credit is process on credit card and virtually,” he explained, for workers.

In the case of the retiredthe announcement contemplates the expansion of “2,967,000 people the beneficiary program of what we call the PAMI food reinforcement but we also decided to increase the amount in the month of September, October and November to $15,000 per month. Tomorrow the director of PAMI will also tell you details of how it will work, but it will be automatic and you will not have to do anything. no procedure“.

Sergio Massa on inflation

At the beginning of his speech, Sergio Massa talked about inflation: “The month of August It was probably the month most hit with the inflation in the pockets of the Argentines. The decision of IMF to impose on Argentina, as a result of that agreement signed in 2018 with the President Macri to finance the capital flight causing a indebtedness terrible for Argentina and establishing a program that somehow forces us to live with the Backgroundtook us in the last 20 days to a devaluation of 20% of our currency”.

However, he listed the measures that aim to mitigate the impact of inflation: “tax reduction for SMEs“; “a fixed sum for public sector workers“; “we increase the bonus to our retirees and pensionersas well as the beneficiaries of social programs and beneficiaries of pension programs”.

At the same time, he mentioned the bill that he prepared for eliminate income taxwhose goal is “to start working on what we understand is the rhythm of recovery of income in Argentinawhich is the sustained direction that we must follow not only in the next quarter, but in the next 4 years”.

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