Stress during studies and training: Younger people are more stressed than employees

Stress during studies and training: Younger people are more stressed than employees

No carefree study time: According to a Yougov survey, many young students and trainees feel more stressed than older people who are already fully employed. There are also differences between the genders.

The years of study and training are often still seen as a time of enviable freedom and carefreeness. However, according to a new Yougov survey, younger people in Germany feel significantly more stress than older people. On average, students and trainees experience a higher level of stress than employees who have completed their training. This was determined by the survey institute on behalf of Swiss Life, which published the results today.

Overall, more than 61 percent of the 2,276 men and women surveyed felt stressed. However, in the older generation of baby boomers, the proportion of stressed people was significantly lower at 44 percent.

However, the younger generation, especially those who had not yet completed their academic or vocational training, were represented above average: a good two thirds of students and trainees each declared themselves to be stressed, while the figure for employees was significantly lower at 51 percent.

Stress as a risk factor for mental illness

The average values ​​also hide a considerable difference between the genders: according to the survey, women suffer more from stress than men. Almost three quarters (73 percent) said this among students and female trainees, and 53 percent among working women.

According to medical studies, persistent feelings of stress are a risk factor for mental illness. According to Swiss Life’s clients, being young is more difficult today than it used to be: “The pressure to perform well and live up to expectations is great,” said Stefan Holzer.

The main stress factors – on average for all participants – are time pressure (49 percent), high work and learning workloads (41 percent) or an unpleasant working or learning atmosphere (30 percent).

Source: Stern

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