How does it impact domestic workers?

How does it impact domestic workers?

The VAT refund has a limit of 18 thousand pesos monthlywhich will also reach other workers with salaries up to $708 thousand, beneficiaries of the Universal Child Allowance and monotributistas.

This measure of VAT refund It reaches some 440 thousand domestic employees and although it is not clear until when it will be valid, the Executive Branch will seek to extend this benefit until next year, increasing the amounts, through a bill that will reach Congress.

Domestic employees: who receives the VAT refund

The domestic workers They will perceive the impact of this measure as long as they are banked, since it is accredited through the use of debit without the need to carry out any procedure.

To access the Debit, Domestic workers must be registered with AFIP to receive this benefit.

Domestic workers: how it impacts monthly spending

As explained Sergio Massaeach person contemplated in the VAT refund action, where domestic employees are considered, will have ato economic recovery on the products of the basic basket within 48 hours of the purchase, which will be automatically credited in the Bank account.

This seeks to expand the return mechanism of that tax for food purchases, which is currently close to $18,800.

The expansion will continue, as a criterion, which will have a updatable amount which will be equivalent to 21% of the value of the Basic Food Basket (CBA) published every month by INDEC, and which indicates the income that a household needs to avoid falling below the indigence line.

Latest reported value was $111,642 for a household of two adults and two children, which would be a discount of $23 thousand monthly ($88,000 approx).

Source: Ambito

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