The BCRA made changes to automatic debits for digital wallets

The BCRA made changes to automatic debits for digital wallets
September 14, 2023 – 15:19

Since December, any financial institution or payment service providers that provide payment accounts that receives a recurring automatic debit must show the customer a legend to confirm whether they accept the debits requested by the provider.

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The Central Bank of the Argentine Republic (BCRA) He reported that starting December 1any financial entity or PSPCP (payment service providers that provide payment accounts) that receives a DEBIN must show to the client a legend to confirm if you accept that the debits requested by that supplier be periodically made.

In the same sense, the BCRA recalled that “the cancellation of the adhesion of the recurring DEBIN can be carried out by the receiving client through the ordering client, or through the receiving entity, indistinctly, as established in the regulations. on National Payment System – Immediate Debit”.

It is worth remembering that DEBIN (immediate debit) is an online transfer in which the person collecting initiates the process and the person paying only has to accept it. In the case of the recurring modality, this authorization is general and enables periodic charges.

On the other hand, the BCRA also established improvements in the operation of immediate pull transfers between accounts of the same owner.

The changes ordered by the BCRA

  • The scope is limited, both to receive and to make requests for funds, to widely used accounts such as savings accounts, salary and social security accounts, savings accounts for the payment of social assistance plans and programs, savings accounts. savings for minors, adolescents and a universal free account.
  • It is fixed un initial limit of 2,500 UVA (approximately $727,000) per day and by account to order immediate pull transfers, as a way to monitor their behavior and deepen the dissemination of the operation.
  • They will not be able to order or receive transfers immediate pull payment service providers are not registered in the “Registry of interoperable digital wallets”.
  • Participants in the national payment system that currently use recurring DEBIN to fund accounts must discontinue this operation before December 1, 2023 and enable immediate pull transfers for their clients.
  • Pull transfers are being implemented in phases and, as of August 7, can be done to fund accounts; that is, to make requests for funds between accounts of the same owner from or to those account providers who are registered in the aforementioned registry.
  • People who wish to make these requests for funds must previously enroll the accounts on which they will send requests for funds and give your consent to do so.

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