Blue fell $13 to $722

Blue fell $13 to $722

Yesterday, there was a new day of relative calm for parallel dollars. The blue fell $13 and ended the round at $722, while the financiers operated with slight variations. The Central Bank recorded its 23rd consecutive day of buying balance.

The informal dollar fell 1.1% and broke a three-day rising streak, according to a survey by Ámbito in the caves of the City.

In this way, the gap with the official exchange rate is 106.3%, after hitting an intraday annual record of 127.1% on August 16, its highest level since the July 2022 run (139.3 %). From its all-time high at $795, the currency has already fallen $70.

This happens after having closed a strongly bullish August after the 20% devaluation of the peso. Last month, the blue dollar rose $185, or 33.6%, the largest monthly increase since April 2020.

Meanwhile, cash with settlement (CCL) rose $1.60 (0.2%) to $742.66, after registering its biggest advance since August 29 in the previous round. Thus, the gap with the official dollar reached 112.2% and the spread with the blue dollar rose, due to the fall of the illegal dollar, to $20.62.

For its part, the MEP dollar rebounded $1.47 to $677.79, after falling 14 cents the previous day. Thus, the gap with the official exchange rate was 93.7% and the difference with the illegal dollar was $44.21.

These movements occurred on a day in which the BCRA bought US$9 million and extended its buying streak to 23 wheels, the longest of the year. Thus, the monetary authority accumulates, so far in September, a positive balance of US$350 million. Since the launch of the export increase program, on July 24, it has acquired more than US$2.5 billion.

Source: Ambito

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