In the first ten days more than 2.6 million tons were traded

In the first ten days more than 2.6 million tons were traded
September 18, 2023 – 11:20

Data from the first days of implementation of the Export Increase Program were reported. The data reflects the success of the initiative.

During the first 10 business days after the publication of the Export Increase Program, known as the soybean dollar 4, the negotiated amounts of soybeans reached 2,644,508 tons, with 65% of the total operations that were carried out over the past week. This is according to data from the Buenos Aires Cereal Exchange.

Thus, the entity reported that, of the total, 1,915,560 tons of soybeans correspond to new contracts that were agreed after the measure, while the remaining 728,948 are fixations of contracts of the “To be fixed” modality that had been agreed before the measure.

Regarding the total negotiated, 91% of the operations have a price, accumulating around 2,399,441 tons of new contracts at made price for 1,660,287. On the other hand, of the contracts to be established that were concluded after the measure, only 10,206 tons were established, that is, 4%.

Soybeans: better data than in August

This expressed an improvement compared to the figures sold in the previous month since, in just 10 business days, 88% more was sold than the entire volume recorded in the month of August.

Regarding the Affidavits of Foreign Sales (DJVE), records were issued mainly for soybeans, accumulating 484,355 tons, which brings the accumulated total of DJVE for the 2022/23 campaign to 1,608,823.

As for the oil and Soybean flour, records were accumulated for 79,170 and 262,562 tons respectively. That is to say that, in total, the soy complex total 826,088 since September 5.

Source: Ambito

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