AA2000 inaugurated the first stage of the North Platform in Aeroparque

AA2000 inaugurated the first stage of the North Platform in Aeroparque

Aeropuertos Argentina 2000 inaugurated the first stage of the New North Platform at the Jorge Newbery Airport, which will allow the parking of two large aircraft or five narrow-body aircraft.

The work, which required an investment of $4,000 million, was carried out by AA2000 and the Regulatory Body of the
National Airport System (ORSNA). Thanks to your new
new pavement and geometric design guarantee higher levels of operational safety and efficiency in accordance with the highest international standards.
finals, the company clarified. When completed, the total projected investment will be $7.8 billion.

The North Platform is part of the comprehensive modernization plan for the Aeroparque, which included the construction of an international terminal. It complements the work of the new runway inaugurated in March 2021, which went from 40 meters wide and 2,100 meters long to 60 and 2,690, respectively. This involved an investment of more than $5,000 million and included a new beacon system that raised safety standards for takeoffs and landings.

The work facilitates the operation of wide-body aircraft, which allows increasing the number of passengers and increasing the frequency to domestic and international destinations. Aircraft such as the Airbus 330 or the Boeing 787 can now operate from this airport thanks to the new rigid pavement with thicknesses of up to 46 cm.

This work included a beacon system with taxiway center line lights and stop bar systems – which significantly increase operational safety levels – added to the LED technology lighting system, which allows energy savings and environmental sustainability.

This stage 1 of the new North Platform has an area of ​​49,000 m2, which allows operation with 5 narrow-body aircraft or 2 wide-body aircraft. Once stage 2 is completed, 17,000 m2 will be added and it will have a total area of ​​62,000 m2.

This will allow positions to be brought to 3 E widebody aircraft plus 2 narrowbodies or 7 narrowbodies without widebody operation.

Since the extension of the concession contract in 2020, Aeropuertos Argentina 2000 launched an ambitious works program. The program included the completion of the New Departure Terminal of the Ezeiza International Airport; the expansion of roads and the construction of an underground parking lot in Aeroparque, on land reclaimed from the river; the new slopes in Posadas, San Rafael, Santa Rosa and Río Hondo; the new terminals in San Juan, Bariloche, Santa Rosa and the launch of works for the construction of new buildings in Salta, San Rafael and Formosa. Taxiways were also built, beacons were renewed and the runways were provided with greater safety measures.

In all airports, the gastronomic offer was also improved and increased with recognized local and international brands.

Daniel Ketchibachian, CEO of AA2000, highlighted: “These works contribute to the regional economies of the entire country, help increase connectivity, promote inbound and outbound tourism, domestic and international.”

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